Sunday, October 31, 2010

For my daughter on her birthday

When you were born
  You were brought to me
  Sleeping in a soft, warm blanket.
   My heart skipped a beat,
   And I determined to become a better person.
Something Had Changed…

When you were a toddler
 You took your first wobbly, unsure steps
  Making your way across new territory.
  My heart beat quickly
   And I felt nervous as you ventured away from me.
Something Had Changed…

When you were four years old
 You got angry and cross with me
  Saying that Santa would never bring me any presents.
   My heart broke a little
   And I realized that my love extended beyond hurt and tears.
Something Had Changed…

When you were a teenager
  You became more independent
    Driving, dating, and amazing us with your passion for learning.
     My heart almost burst with pride
      And I learned that your success was my greatest triumph.
 Something Had Changed…

When you became an adult
  You held me when I cried over a disappointment
    Telling me that you would always be in my corner.
     My heart was soothed
       And I knew that having you for a friend was a gift.
 Something Had Changed…

Now, looking back, I have become aware of a Great Truth:
 Your existence makes me want to be a better person;
  Your new adventures still make me feel nervous;
   Your anger and tears will never change my love;
    Your accomplishments bring me lasting joy and
     Your presence brings me comfort and peace.
I am so very grateful that….Nothing Has Changed.